Estate Planning and Probate

Estate Planning and Probate

Ensuring that you have the necessary legal documents in place in the event you are unable to make financial or health planning decisions for yourself is critical. Although critically important, it can also be very hard to plan for your own infirmity or death. At Donna Duncan, P.A., we are prepared to meet with you and discuss your individual needs and assist you through completing all necessary legal documents.

Helping You Draft Your Last Will And Testament

In addition to financial and health planning, it is imperative that each person consult with our attorney to discuss your wishes for the distribution of your assets and properties upon your death. We will take the time needed to discuss and prepare your Last Will and Testament. Donna Duncan, P.A. continues to be available to assist your personal representative in following the wishes set forth in your Last Will and Testament.

Assistance During The Probate Process

We also provide testate and intestate probate representation. We are experienced in assisting your personal representative in working through the probate process and finalizing your last wishes and protecting your hard-earned assets for your loved ones.