Criminal Defense

An Advocate Against Criminal Charges

After being arrested, it might seem like no one is on your side. The police officer is not on your side, the prosecuting attorney is not on your side, and the judge and jury are sworn to be impartial in your case. You need an advocate, a lawyer with legal experience and the ability to defend your rights in the criminal defense process.

At the law firm of Donna Duncan, P.A., we provide strong, dedicated criminal defense for clients in Apalachicola and the surrounding areas of Florida. Donna Duncan, Attorney at Law has decades of professional experience — including time working in the corrections system and as a legal assistant, law clerk and an attorney with Sanders And Duncan, P.A. We work personally with each client we represent to find the best approach to getting results in the criminal justice system.

State Crimes

We represent clients accused of:

  • Driving under the influence (DUI)
  • Theft crimes, including robbery, burglary, shoplifting and carjacking
  • Drug charges, including possession, possession with intent, delivery, intent to deliver, manufacturing and delivery of all types of drugs
  • Violent crimes, including assault, assault with a deadly weapon, domestic violence and other violent crimes

Federal White Collar Crimes

Most federal crime charges involve white collar crimes. Generally, a white collar crime is a theft crime that does not involve violence. In many cases, white collar crimes involve the use of technology or other intelligent means to dispossess someone else or a company of money, but white collar crimes do not always involve technology.

White collar crimes can include:

  • Fraud, including computer fraud, mail fraud and wire fraud
  • Insurance fraud, including Medicare and Medicaid fraud
  • Medical fraud
  • Mortgage fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Insider trading
  • Bribery
  • Identity theft
  • Tax evasion

There are other forms of white collar crime, as well. When facing these charges, it is important to protect your future, your freedom and your reputation in the community. A conviction for this type of charge can ruin your career and your economic future. We can defend you against these charges so you can move on with your life.

Focus On The Details

In so many criminal defense cases, the devil is in the details. One small mistake by the arresting officer, one nuance in the evidence or a simple negotiating tactic based on experience can be the difference between dismissed charges and significant jail time or fines. Attorney Donna Duncan is a skilled, experienced negotiator who takes the time to capture every detail in our client’s cases. This has helped us build a reputation for the successful resolution of our clients’ cases.

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